Tuesday, 25 January 2011

January 18th - Slimbridge

With a few days off work decided to visit slimbridge and i tried to last year but was beaten by the last years snow. With the weather glorious and blue headed off west through the stunning
cotswolds landscape.

After arriving at slimbridge working through some of the captive section to the kingfisher hide where plenty of the blue and great tits where happy feeding from the large array of feeders before heading along the rest of the south fingers hides where out on the estuary there were plenty of feeding birds including Redshanks, Lapwings, Golden Plover, Dunlin , Bewick swans with the predator Peregrine scaring away the flocks of waders very often.

Then headed to the Rushy area and the Robbie Garnett Hide where in front of the hide with the tufted duck and pochards was a female Lesser Scaup and male Greater Scaup both lifers for me and stunning beautiful bird in the sunlight . While behind towards the estuary where a big section of bewick swans and wigeons in very big number great sight and sound to see.

 Then to end ended off to the heated observatory to end the day with the wild birds feeds which was lovely seeing so many pintails, Bewick Swans, Pochard, Wigeon and geese including a lovely Pink-footed Goose which should have been at Martin Mere up close and feet away. Agreat end to a wonderful day.

Shelduck up close and personal

Argentine Red Shoveler playing rough in the captive section

The Female Lesser Scaup
The Male Greater Scaup

The Scaups usual postions

Cramped full of geese and swans at the late feed

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