Sunday, 30 October 2011

To scotland again!!

From the 14th october had a Family hoilday up to scotland from west to east. After catching the sleeper train started out in Glasgow where  we started by enjoing a naughty breakfast at the willows cafe. Then a wander around that part of the citywere we saw a few bits of the citys a few of favourites were the Tradeston Bridge and inside the City Council Offices which is decorated in old fashioned way but very pretty way. Then stopped off at the lighthouse to get an view off the city a place i like to come back soon and explore more.

Tradeston Bridge

Council office from the outside

Artwork in the roof

Inside the council buildings
Glasgow from the lighthouse

Next stop was up to Loch Lomond by which stop it had started to rain but till had time drive along the east side of the Loch

Friday, 28 October 2011

Day in suffolk

On Saturday the 8th october headed up the coast to suffolk and first call was Minsmere and due to the work on the reserve walked around round tothe temporary scrub trail with Swallows and Martins still flying overhead which were to be my last of the year and got to see a couple of Marsh Tits briefly feeding with a flock of Long-tailed Tits then further round to the reed beds saw 1 Bearded Tit briefly in flightly but mainly they were just pinging away and staying low down.

Further round out on the lagoons there were 4 Red-breasted Geese out on the flats and according to fellow birders these were naturally ones. Also feeding out on the lagoons were Dunlin, Shelduck, Avocet, Ruff, Barnacle Geese along with Wigeon and Teal.

Then along the beach had 1 flyby Mediterranean Gull and in the scrub area had good views of a Wheater and a Stonechat. Then headed down the main path were alongside a pair of Little Egrets were feeding along with a Grey Heron.

Stonechat on the wire

Little egret hunting
Hunting together
Next stop was a visit to Dingle Marshes just slightly further up the coast walking down the paths had good views of Skylarks singing their songs. In to the Lagoons had my first Glossy Ibis only distance views but better views ofCommon and Spotted Redshank, Dunlin, Little Egret and a kestrel overhead. Just i was walking back out to sea had 1 Great Skua.

Then to finish off the day headed to the harbour at Lowestoft where there was a stunning juvenile Woodchat Shrike and off shore a Yellow-Legged Gull with lots of Black-headed Gulls a good end to a wonderful day.

Woodchat Shrike

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Leighton Moss then home

On the 4th October spent a lovely morning at Leighton Moss started off well with good views of Marsh Harriers hunting over the reed beds before spending quite a bit off time watching Bearded Tits feeding and fighting amost themselves first time i seen them here but had up to 6 together at once.

Male in the reeds

Beareded Tit Pair
Further round visited a few of the main hides quite quiet though a bonus of a Common Gull plus Teal, Wigeon and the usual ducks. Then headed round to the Jackson Hide where there were a male and Female Red Deer showing though just feeding then further round at the Greisdale Hide had a male Red Deer quite close to the hide though at first sleeping then woke up and decided to complete with the roaring deers around so decided to start roaring for a few minutes before he started eating some of the grass, also out on the water was a pair of Pintails.

Roaring away

Red Deer stag
Then stopped at the center feeding tables where there was Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Long-tailed Tits, Great Tit, Blue Tit and the highlight of Nuthatche and Marsh Tit. Then went around to the hides on the seafront where there were hundreds of Redshanks with 3 Spotted Redshanks amost them and Curlew, Oystercatchers, Lapwings and a lovely Curlew Sandpiper feeding on the shore edge quite close before a Pegrerine Falcon sweep over moving the birds overs. Also on the far Lagoon was a Red-breasted Merganser hunting but distance.

Feeding Curlew Sandpiper

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Only way is south

Before i know it was time to head home but before my night stop in Lanacashire stopped off at Hoddsbarrow on the west cumbria coast. Not much in the grass section but quite rewarding out at sea with nice lots of Eiders and Red-breasted Mergansers out at sea and heard geese which i think may haveen been Pink-footed but can't be sure and a few Great-Crested Grebes, Shelducks, Redshanks and 1 Guillemot. Further along the point had 4 Wheaters seem to appear when the weather broke some giving some of the best views of wheaters i had.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The mini highlands

Next visit was up the to Grey Mare's Tails Waterfall on the border of  Dumfries and Galloway the drive to get there through the moffat hill feel very rugged and rugged but the view was in my mind wonderfully.

Thee view across the valley

Climbed up towards the water and Loch Skeen at the top a very steep climb but well worth it, even on the grey day we went up a beautiful place with views across to White Coomb and other mountains.

Then we walked down looking at the various different section of the watersfall before looking at the waterfaill from the left side showing why its the 5th biggest waterfall drop in the UK.

The river pouring through

View from the bottom

Monday, 10 October 2011


Next stop was lovely walk round Loweswater in the Western Lake District we started walking from the northern shore in very warm weather glorious sunshine with beautiful views over the lake towards Carling Knott and various other fells.

Fells in the hazy sunshine

The shoreline

Carling knott
Once we reached the head of the lake we had nice views of Low and Darling Fells, while beeing watching by a very curiosuly cow.

Low and Darling Fells
Then we entered Holme Wood which was very nice and refreshing out of the sun, where we walked around to the western head of the lake and saw a couple rowing on the lake with Grasmoor and Mellbreak in the background before heading back across a field and back to the car.

Rowing across loweswater

End of the walk with a view looking across Grasmoor and Mellbreak
Then stoped for lunch at the top of Honister Pass before having a walk on Crummock Water beach.
Honister Pass

Crummock Water

Then a brief stop at Mockerlin Tarn in the evening light

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lowther castle

Next stop was a visit to Lowther Castle which is has just been reopend and is development after managment changes as a few years there were very close to being bankrupt but with the help of grants have managed to start to rebuilt and envole so will be intresting to go back back in a few years and see how there getting on.

Front of the castle today

Front before everything was sold

Back showing all the work

Next had a walk around some very nice areas with the pond and the summers house were nice and enchanting. The woodlands seem very healthy and full of life with lots of different Fungis around and quite a lot of bird life with lots of Coal Tit and a Buzzard family of 4 the notable species though no red squirrels around for us though we did come across a lovely Common Toad.

After a late pub lunch headed down to Thirlmere Reservoir to end the day with a short walk even though manmade some lovely scenery.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Flying through North Yorkshire

Stopped at humber bridge for a little bit off night photography amazing how dark it is in such a industry landscape personally quite pleased with the outcome.

Then the next day headed off for a morning at Spurn Point which was veru bright and sunny but seemed to hav delayed alot of the autumn migration though at least 3 Redstarts doting around with 2 different birds around the Canal Scrape. Out feeding the mudflats were a nice lot of knot surprising my first of the year along with Black-tailed Godwit, Whimbrel, Curlew Sanderlings, Redshanks, Turnstone and Brent Geese. The Other surprise of the day was a Painted Lady only my 4th of the year along with the Red Admirals which seemed to be doing well in the warm spell. Then headed north to Carlisle


Knots feeding

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Birds around Lincolinshire

Next stop was my usual visit to Frampton Marsh on the wash started off well with the Sun shinning brightly and Tree Sparrows and a pair of Bullfinches on the feeder first time here for the tree sparrows and flocks of Goldfinch chatting away and Yellowhammer and  Skylarks both singing around the car park. Out on the main reserve lots of Geese including quite a few mixed races and good Numbers of Waders with Dunlin, Ruff, Redshank, Little Egret, Curlew,Whimbrel and and both species of Godwits.

Geese Taking off

The lone Bar-tailed Godwit

Overhead a good number of Swallows flow over heading south along with a Marsh Harries plus the local Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Buzzard hunting over the scrapes. Walking back along the hedge had a lovely view of a Male Stonechat.

On route heading north stopped in at Gibraltar Point quite quiet with the hightlight being a Greenshank along with Curlew, Brent Geese, Redshank, Whimbrel and Grey Plover.

Then headed to Covenham Reservoir where a American Black Tern had been around for a few weeks and I was in luck as he still around though distance and was flying around hunting along with some other aircraft. Also around a very unshy Dunlin.

Flying American Black Tern

Dunlin on the shore

Flying Aircraft