Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Day out at the head

With a certain bird (Siberian Accentor) at Essington headed up there at the weekend as had a free day. Once at the wardened car park had a nice walk to the viewing area with good numbers of Goldcrests around with a few odd firecrest which I had one good view of and the first of a few failed attempts to see a Yellow-browed Warbler and good numbers of Redwings and Fieldfare over all the time.

One of many Goldcrests


Then got to the garden where the Siberian Accentor was showing well with its distinctively marking but at a little distance to start off with feeding with a few Robins and two nice looking Bramblings. It then came a bit close allowing some nice views before heading back into the hedge.

Siberian Accentor
After a little while decided to came back later when the light would be better so headed off to Kilnsea for a bit where there were a few warblers where in the church area had a couple of Pallas Warblers, some beautiful Siskins, Yellowhammers, 23 flyover White Fronted Geese and a flyover Woodcock a real star bird for me.

Female Siskin

Fly over White Fronted Gooses
Then after lunch headed back to Essington where a nice male Redstart was putting on a nice show in the village

Redstart in the field



Then headed the day with the Siberian Accentor (and another Redstart) as the Accentor was making its way down a scubby track so was not giving views as good as in the moring but it did pop up on to the metal fencing to show well briefly.

Accentor on the Fence post

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Small Coopers at Nomans Land Common

Had a pleasant walk on Sunday with Butterfly Conservation with the main target been Small Cooper as stangly the end of sptember seems the best time for them and despite the weather been quite windy and a few rain showers a total of 37 were seen along with a couple of Red Admirals and singles of Small White and Large White.

Small Cooper in the heather




Two Small coopers together
Then after the walked headed to the Gorhambury Estate for half an hour where had a nice view of a Little Egret fishing with a few Teal and lots of Moorhen. Then heard a Snipe as it flew over and a nice end with a pair of ravens honking over.

Little Egret and Teal
Egret in flight

Raven calling

Saturday, 17 September 2016

The main event

A nice sunny morning welcomed to the Skua and Shearwater Cruise at Bridlington Harbour. Leaving the harbour saw a small group of Kittiwakes with a few Redshanks waiting for the tide to go out and a few terns hunting on the harbours edge mainly Sandwich Terns but a few Common terns as well.

Kittiwakes and Redshanks on the sea wall

Sandwich Tern on the buoy
We then headed out into the bay seeing Cormorants and Shags and a few Razorbills and Guillemots passing Flamborough Head giving some nice views at which point a couple of Artic Skua Flew past and Shearwater species were seen.

Dark Phase Artic Skua flying past the chalky cliffs

Flamborough Head Lighthouse
The bait was there put which brought in the Gannets and the gulls mainly different age Herring Gullsbut a few Great backed Gulls and Black-head gulls were around and Fulmar were seen. After a little a Sooty Shearwater was seen and give a flyover  allowing everyone on board to see this super bird.

Sooty shearwater
Sooty Shearwater flying by


Gannet flying through the sunlight

Fulmar skimming the water

Then headed back where we had a nice view of a Grey Seal and in the Harbour good numbers of Turnstones and a single Purple Sandpiper to end a good day

Purple sandpiper

Sunday, 11 September 2016

A little Detour

Last weekend had a little break up to Yorkshire with my local RSPB group for a boat around Bridlington  Bay but first stop was a evening visit to Frampton Marsh on route.

First thing that caught my eye was the impressive row of Sunflowers stetching from the vistor centre down to where the road ends an amazing sight.


Next stopped at the view points where had a couple of Green Sandpipers and a few Black-tailed Godwits and Little Egrets before heading down to the 360 hide for a closer view of the waders but before i got to the hide had a super Goldfinch flock of over 50 birds feeding on the thistles.

Goldfinch Flock

Young Goldfinch
From the 360 Hide the waders numbers were just spellbinding with thousands of Godwits mainly Black-tailed, Hundreds of Dunlins and Ringed Plovers with good numbers of Curlew Sandpipers, Snipe and Ruffs showing really well.

Feeding Snipe

Snipe in flight

Moulting Ruff

Curlew Sandpiper in evening light 

Dunlin in a flap

Small selection of Godwit flock

Small selection of Godwit flock in flight

Small selection of the Dunlin and Ringed Plovers which is about a third of its actually size

Then ended the evening with a walk around the sea wall where I added two Yellow Wagtails and three Wheatears to end a lovely evening.

Friday, 19 August 2016

August visit to mismere

Last weekend with the weather reasonable decided to head to Minsmere first stop was the Sand Martin colony by the visitor centre very active with birds going in and out often in a few big flocks.

Sand Martin in flight


Then walked around and followed the path to the beach along the path a group of  at least 8 Little Egrets were hunting in the shallows and a Cetti Warbler showed it self nearby.

At the beach lots of butterflies were on the wing with Grayling, Common Blues and Painted Lady in with the huge numbers of Peacock and Red Admirals and a lone Emerald Damselfly was seen briefly

Resting Grayling

Brief stop of the Painted Lady

One of many Common Blues in the dunes
Then headed to the East hide where had some good wader views with Black-tailed Godwit, Young Avocets with a few Ruffs and Dunlin and Spotted Redshank and a Common Sandpiper. Also on the scrape distance views of a few Little Gulls were seen as well as a the first signs of autum with yellow Wagtail and Wheatears around.

Wheatear on the way south

Then stopped at the Curlew watching point where a family of Stone Curlews and a Common Curlew in the heathland through the heat haze first time i managed to see the Stone Curlews here.Then stopped at the Bee Wasps a rare insect species but very intresting to watch them go about their business bring in the dead bees.

Bee Wasp bringing in the bee


Bee Wasp coming out the burrows

Then ended the day by spending quite a lot of time watching the butterflies on the buddleia

Feeding Red Admiral