Thursday, 11 May 2017

Old Manor Quarry

A dry but windy day at Manor Farm was had last saturday with the local RSPB group a nice walk around with a few warblers singing around the paths with Chiff-chaff, Blackcaps and especially Whitethroats around the paths edge. Then walked across the meadow fields were there a big Rookery and big groups of Crows and Jackdaws as well.

We go to the first scrape where there were a Common Sandpiper, a pair of Little Ringed Plover at least 1 Ringed Plover and a Pair of Common Terns doing a bit of courtship with some offering been done. On the second scrape a nice pair of Redshanks were showing with the differences between male and female colours quite obvious. Also on the waters still quite a few Tufted Ducks, Gadwalls and Mallards along with the Canada Geese pairing up.

Then walked back along the river where we heard more Common Terns and a flyby Kingfisher before ending the walk with a nice Grey Wagtail feeding by the Viaduct.

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