Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lowther castle

Next stop was a visit to Lowther Castle which is has just been reopend and is development after managment changes as a few years there were very close to being bankrupt but with the help of grants have managed to start to rebuilt and envole so will be intresting to go back back in a few years and see how there getting on.

Front of the castle today

Front before everything was sold

Back showing all the work

Next had a walk around some very nice areas with the pond and the summers house were nice and enchanting. The woodlands seem very healthy and full of life with lots of different Fungis around and quite a lot of bird life with lots of Coal Tit and a Buzzard family of 4 the notable species though no red squirrels around for us though we did come across a lovely Common Toad.

After a late pub lunch headed down to Thirlmere Reservoir to end the day with a short walk even though manmade some lovely scenery.

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