Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day at the Lodge

Superb day at the Lodge spend alot of it with the stunning redpolls by the hide with good numbers of both Lesser and Mealy Redpolls with alot on the feeders and drinking regulary.

Mealy Redpoll in Branch

Lesser Redpoll by the water

Lesser Redpoll by the water

Mealy Redpoll by the water

Speedy Stoat

While watching the Redpolls on the feeder had a visits from the local stoat which seems to run around very fast and dart in and out of the grass and hedge around the hide.

Brambling in the hedge
Also by the feeders has a flyby Sparrowhawk paid a flying visit and just failing to grab lunch though amazing to watch them hunt as they seem to turn in midair and also had a brief visit from a female Bramling which is nice to see.

The Pair of tawny owl which had been reported earlier in the week were showing well by the hide in the big pine tree.

Owl Dozing

Also around of note around were Buzzard calling Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Green & GS Woodpeceker around the woodland area and Plenty of the usually finches though less greenfinch than normal

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