Sunday, 18 September 2011

Great day at Graftham Water

Seen all week that a Grey Phalarope and an adult Sabine's Gull had been around and as both were new birds to me though i see if i could get some views. I was't to be dissapointed as both birds was giving great views at first from the dam before the first lot of the rain come down.

Grey Phalarope in the sunlight

Grey Phalarope wading

Sabine's Gull happy doing not a lot
Then after the first lot of heavy rain the Sabine decided to fly off which i can't blame him for but it did bring in a Dunlin and a young Ringed Plover and quite a few small bird feeding with Meadow Pipis, Pied Wagtails and Yellow Wagtails feeding along the shoreline.


Meadow pipit in with the moss

Young Ringed Plover

Finally caught with the Sabine's Gull feeding along the shoreline nearer the top of the reservoir where it was giving good view before a thunder storm came in which hot me quite hard with with Rain and Hail but that bird watching for you.

Sabine's Gull on the edge

Sabine's Gull in the rock pool

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