Saturday, 12 November 2011

Loch Awe and the highlands

Next was a lovely scenic drive along the side of Loch Awe in almost perfect weather with the sky almost totally blue apart from around the top of the peaks scotland at its best also very nice to see the mountains with snow on the top.

Side of the Loch

Snowy mountain tops

End of Loch awe

Then drove up to Tyndrum before deciding to do a section of the highland road with the mountains very impossing and impressing though very noticeable how the weather had changed as about five miles up the road the weather changed went from blue sky to cloudy and misty. Along this road had good sighting of a Female Red Deer and a Golden Eagle.

One of many Mountains along the highland road

The weather changing

Storms over the mountains
Then headed back to Loch Lomond and caught a little bit of it with blue sky.

Loch Lomond with blue sky!!

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  1. Stunning landscapes. In posting these, you are displaying 'Loch and Awe' tactics! I do apologize. Excellent images.