Monday, 30 January 2012

Sunny day in yorkshire

Headed up to yorkshire on saturday mainly to see the long staying Desert Wheater at Bempton Cliffs well worth the last drive as the bird was showing really well often down too feet away happy just feeding on the insects around the cliff edge and showing well to the gathering party.

Desert Wheater posing

Wheater cleaning

Also around were hundreds of fulmars and gannets off the cliffs along with the gulls but no other other seabirds but good views of hunting kestrels and Goldfinch and treesparrow showing well from the visitor centre.

Tree sparrows together

In the afternoon headed down to Tophill Low Nature reserve no sign of the reported Cattle Egret but had lovely views of a Kingfisher speeding down the river and had a wonderful singing Bullfinch and out on the main reservor had lots of Wigeon , Pochard, Teal and a few Goldeneye. At then end of the day light  was playing quite well so from one the smaller hides spent a few minutes with the local Gadwalls and Coots before spending the last light of dusk just watching a pair of Barn Owls just magically.

Cooting drifting by

Feeding male Gadwall

Posing Barn Owl

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