Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The dragonfly hunt

Had a sunny trip to Wat Tyler Country park last week to look for a Southern Migrant Hawker which is still an uncommon visitor from europe. At first quite windy with random sunny spells lots of Common and Ruddy Darters were enjoying the sunny spells then after a bit of warmth had quite a few Migrant Hawkers flying around but then one acting more aggresive caught my fight as it seem to be scrapping with anything that moved into its area a little land confirmed the Id with its bright blue body. Walked further and had plenty of butterflies with good numbers of Holly Blue flying around mixing with some Wall and Specked wood Butterflies along with Peacocks and Large Whites before i came across a stunning Wasp Spider another first for me and a insect i have been hunting for a while.

Southern Migrant Hawker  
The commoner Migrant Hawker in flight
Wasp Spider wrapping its prey

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  1. great photography of the spider