Monday, 19 August 2013

Bonus Clouded Yellow

On sunday decided to get out with the butterflies so first headed down to Nomansland Common where the Small Coppers and Common Blues were out in force along with a lone Chalkhill Blue and a few fresh Painted Ladies, a few Essex Skipper some Purple Hairstreaks egglaying and good number of Silver Y Moths and the Whites though mainly Large and Smalls and Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers.

Small Copper

Painted Lady


Purple Hairstreak
Small White feeding
In the afternoon headed down to Tyttenhanger GPs the most noting factor was since my last visit the gull numbers had picked up and still good numbers of Common Terns around. While walking around the meadows was suprised to see a Clouded Yellow feeding just meters away before flying off not to be seen again but plenty of Peacocks around easily 40 on site and also Common Blue and Small Coppers doing well as well. Also around were quite a few Damselflies with plenty of Common Blues and one Blue-tailed and Common and Ruddy Darters around and a Southern Hawker.

Feeding Clouded Yellow

Common Darter



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