Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rainham Marshes

A visit to Rainham Marshes with the local RSPB group was quite produtive with 52 Species seen. From the vistor center we were greeted by a tame Phesent and some of our group had a little egret and a few flocks of tit's species overhead, while on the feeders we had House Sparrows and Finches feeding.

Overlooking the scrapes from the hides we had good views of a kestrel feeding and little egret around the pool along with the the wintering ducks and waterfowl along with a few redshank and Snipe flying around the scrape. Walking between the two hides we had excellent views of a marsh harrier over the reed beds and reed bunting feeding along the path. Walking back to visitor center a pintail was hiding itself with the gadwall before a few more raptors made a appearence with kestrel and sparrowhawk sheltering from the rain in the trees in the woodland area. A few of walked along the seawall to the bay where we had a good view of a meadow pipit and a good numbers of redshank and curlew feeding out in the bay with a lone common seal.

Feeding Kestrel


Little Grebe

Little Egret


Marsh Frog

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