Monday, 4 November 2013

A surprise local Rarity

Did my circluar walk at Tyttenhanger GP and was very luck to find a Glossy Ibis was coming across from the woods heading down to the scrape at Tyttenhanger GP had a brief view of a bird fly across and down towards the scrape but I didn’t see if the bird had landed or not but was lucky enough that it had as while walking back down the path across the scrape hoping to relocation the bird it flew up and over in front of me giving good views of his colour plumage and its beak showing that it was in fact a Glossy Ibis before flying up and round over the main pit before heading over the farm in the direction of the M25. Also before the drama in the hedges at the farm around with the finches and Tit had 1 Tree Sparrow in all to make a great day.

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