Sunday, 25 May 2014

Double dose at Tyttenhanger

Last weekend had a nice walk around Tyttenhanger with the local RSPB group a nice selection of spring birds with lots of warblers singing in the scrub mainly Blackcap and Whitethroat but did manage to see one Garden Warbler briefly and a couple of Chiff-chaffs and one Willow Warbler. Around the main pit had Oystercatcher fly over to its nearby nest and Common Terns hunting along the River Colne and on the spit one Little-Ringed Plover was seen and at the end of the walk a Cuckoo was heard but not seen.

Next day got in from week to find a pair of Temminck's Stints had been seen the next day but them seemed to be pass throughs but was lucky for them to reappear and sat around for the next three days so popped down before work and for this species and the site were showing really well along with a few Lingle Ringed Plovers

Temminck's Stint reflecting in the water




Next to a Little-ringed Plover to show size difference

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