Monday, 4 August 2014

Arnside Knott

After visiting Leighton Moss next stop was a visit to Arnside Knott a first visit to this site has i usually come up to this area in the spring or the autumn so it was a good chance to catch up a few of the Butterflies which favoured this area.

Walked up the main hill where i came across a female Dark Green Fritillary which seemed to be egg laying though i was hoping for a High Brown Fritillary but no so luck as most of the Fritillaries were too active feeding (with the other butterflies of Gatekeepers, Skippers, Common Blue and Meadow Browns) as it was quite a hot day a lot of them were feeding on the betony which looked great in the sunshine.

Dark Green Fritillary


Field of Betony

Futher round on the woodland edge quite a few Scotch Argus were around with 1 Northern Brown Argus and a few Grayling catching the sun on the limestone path and just at then end of my walk a lovely family of nuthatches were feeding in the tree a great sight to be seen.

Northern Brown Argus


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