Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter day out in suffolk

With a week off work had a few days out the first was a day out in suffolk where the first stop was a visit to Beccles Quay as the day before a few Scaup had been reported so had a morning visit after a little walk around the Scaups were found fishing with a few Tufted ducks between a few boats in the Quay.

Male Scaup



Tufted Duck in the reflection of the boats

Then head along the coast to Covehith Broad where there a nice selection of Waterfowl on the water with at least 4 Goldeneye, Female Smew and plenty of Wigeon and Teal and massive flock of Common Gulls feeding on the broad.  Then walked along the beach where caught up with wintering Shorelarks and watching them feeding on the edge of the broad when was luck enough for a couple of Snow Bunting to come down and have a little bath on the waters edge. Then walking back had a few Barnacle Goose fly over my head and down the coast.

Shore Lark

Then ended the day with a visit to my favorite Tawny Owl, Mable in Christchurch Park on the way home on this occasional she was napping but always nice to catch up on.

Mable Napping

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