Saturday, 17 September 2016

The main event

A nice sunny morning welcomed to the Skua and Shearwater Cruise at Bridlington Harbour. Leaving the harbour saw a small group of Kittiwakes with a few Redshanks waiting for the tide to go out and a few terns hunting on the harbours edge mainly Sandwich Terns but a few Common terns as well.

Kittiwakes and Redshanks on the sea wall

Sandwich Tern on the buoy
We then headed out into the bay seeing Cormorants and Shags and a few Razorbills and Guillemots passing Flamborough Head giving some nice views at which point a couple of Artic Skua Flew past and Shearwater species were seen.

Dark Phase Artic Skua flying past the chalky cliffs

Flamborough Head Lighthouse
The bait was there put which brought in the Gannets and the gulls mainly different age Herring Gullsbut a few Great backed Gulls and Black-head gulls were around and Fulmar were seen. After a little a Sooty Shearwater was seen and give a flyover  allowing everyone on board to see this super bird.

Sooty shearwater
Sooty Shearwater flying by


Gannet flying through the sunlight

Fulmar skimming the water

Then headed back where we had a nice view of a Grey Seal and in the Harbour good numbers of Turnstones and a single Purple Sandpiper to end a good day

Purple sandpiper

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