Monday, 31 October 2016

Triple Wheatears

With some leave off during october during a good spell of east winds decided to head to norfolk around Burnham Overy Dunes had a nice walk along the sea wall towards the dunes with plenty of birds with a few Ringed Flovers, Dunlin and Redshanks feeding in the mud as the tide was out and lots of Curlews calling from around while a big flock of geese was feeding in the field mainly Brent Geese but a few Pink Footed as well while nearby a few Cettis Warblers were calling even a brief view of one and a nice Northern Wheatear was feeding up before heading south.
Pair of young Ringed plovers

Redshank in flight
Posing Northern Wheatear
Decided to explore the dunes where came across a late Wall Butterfly before coming to the female Desert  Wheater which was showing reasonable well feeding down in the grass.
Desert Wheatear Down on the Grass
and showing its tail features
Then decided to go a for a walk in the dunes to look for the Isabelline Wheatear which had been seen after a while it was found in the dunes but due to flightly nature certain photographers decided to try and chase the bird at which point I decided to head back to the Desert Wheatear.

Isabelline Wheatear

Spent sometime with the Desert Wheatear which was flycatching alot with the added bonus of a flyover Waxwing which was heard first but it then flew over our heads. 

Desert Wheatear on the Shed

Desert Wheatear flycatching

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