Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hoilday time

Had 2 weeks off week which is good in itself but for me went to visit my cousin who lives in Carlisle so give me an excuse to stop off at a few places on the way. First stop was Welney as i missed out on the White-spotted bluethroat but he seemed to be back again this year so though i have another try even though it was a bit of a grey and windy day he did show up once he seemed to be singing for terriority though wonder how long before he realises he won't get a mate this maybe next year he bring a female with him !!. Also around was quite a few Whooper Swans still here, Avocets on nest and  a few Black-tailed Godwits not so much out but can't blame though with the weather conditions.

One of many Whooper swans

White-spotted bluethroat Hiding in the bushes
Later on drove up to Yorkshires Dales and by then it was raining quite hard but could't resist a little walk round Strid Wood an excellent choice in the end as my 30 minute walk produced Kingfisher, Dipper and the start of the show for me Pied Flycatcher a bird i had't seen since my childhood, a worthy spot to come back in better weather.

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