Friday, 6 May 2011

Leighton Moss

Paid a visit to Leighton Moss in Lancashire one of my favourite RSPB Reserves as usually plenty to see started off in the public hides on my way had a few Blackcaps singing on route and once in the hide found out that i just missed out on a fishing Osprey, but out on the main lagoons were a pair of Marsh Harries hunting which is always a lovely sight to see and a single Buzzard over.

Singing Blackcap
Once the main reserve was opened heading around to the main hides with the sound of Sedge and Willow Warblers everywhere and to my surpise on one of the smaller lakes was a beautiful pair of Garganey swimming around quite near to the hide for about 10 minutes before beeing disturbed by a mallard. On the walk back to the main hide had a brief meeting with a Marsh Tit a resident bird here but sadly a declining bird.

Male have a little flap

The male drifting by showing his full plumage

The pair of Garganey together

Then heading to the seperate hides on the coastline where most of the wader like to feed here there where plenty of Redshanks Avocets, Shelduck and Oystercatchers making a little bit of noise as they like to do at this time of year with the protection of nest and young. In with the common Redshanks i spotted a pair of Spotted Redshank unmistakly in summage plumage. On leaving the hide and watching a buzzard flying overhead when suddenly overhead a bigger passed over which turned out to be an Osprey before the Buzzard decided he did't want him around so started chasing him around amazing.

Incoming Shelduck

Spotted Redshank

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