Monday, 12 March 2012

Broad Colney Lakes and Tyttenhanger

Spent a few hours yesterday at Broad Colney Lakes with my local pair of Great Crested Grebes if iam honest hoping to see the weed dance as it something i seem to keep missing found the pair quite content and nest building with a bit of fishing in between always a wonderfully bird to watch but no weed dance yeserday always next time :). Also Present of note were Grey Heron, Jay and a Male Bullfinch.

Grebe having a clean

Gathering Nesting Materials

Caught a fish!

Sizing it up

Next headed to Tyttenhanger and had a bit of a walk round not much on the pits i susect due to the noise the motorbikers were making but in the hedge by the farm had lots of Finches mainly gold , Reed Buntings, Yellowhammers and after a search 1 Tree Sparrow.

Goldfinch feeding on thistle

The Goldfinch Pose

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