Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kent day 2

Started off a Deal Castle which was one of the artillery fortress build by Henry VIII to deal with Spain and france around 1540 and has housed many different Governors between then and 1951.

Deal Castle from the Outside

and from the inside
and the traditional weapons of the day
The next visit was to Dover Castle which is a very intresting castle which was first a Medival Castle build by Henry II and then swapped through many different kings including Henry VII and William the Conqueror before being used in modern times during World War II which was used as amilitary command centre and underground hospital with some intresting exhibitions about this period which i would recommend to anyone intresting in modern warfare.

Dover castle from the outside

The keep
Church from the Keep

Medival Helmet
World War II Guns

Then to finish off the weekend had a nice walk at the White Cliffs of Dover where we had good views of lots off gull, Fulmars but the highlight was seeing the pair of Pergerine Falcons even mating at one point

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