Monday, 27 July 2015

Butterflies at Fermyn Woods

Last week had a nice trip to Fermyn Woods the main aim was to see Purple Emperors started out well with quite a few White Admirals and Silver-washed Fritillaries along with a mass number of Whites and Gatekeepers with a few Souther Hawkers Dragonflies hunting.

Silver-washed Fritillary feeding with the Hoverflies


White Admiral sunbathing

Half way down the ride came to a nice oak where a few Purple Hairstreaks where flying about in the treetops when a Purple Emperor flew across and landed high up before chasing off another one out of sight. After a little while a White-letter Hairstreak flew down from a tree to the left and briefly landed down on the ground.

White letter hairstreak
White-letter Hairstreak
Then walked into the the next wood where had a selction of different species with a Holy Blue, Painted lady, Small Tortoiseshell and a few Fresh Peacock before walking back where i came across an unusually looking White Admiral with a Aberration which after a bit of research turned out to be a Obliterae Aberration.

Obliterae Aberration White Admiral



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