Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ringing at Hillfield

At the weekend my local RSPB group had arranged a morning ringing session at Hillfield Reservoir. After arriving in some light rain we where shown a wader which had just been find which was a Common Sandpiper which had come with the rain.

Common Sandpiper


We then walked around the bank of the reservoir where a big flock of mounlting Canada Geese with a lone Barnacle Goose were out on the water and two young kestrel were around. We then headed to the ringing station where a few birds where getting ringed mainly a few Reed Warbler which are quite popular at this time of year and a Wren.

Reed Warbler in the hand
Wren which weighted just over 9 grams
Half the group then walked around been shows the nets and had a look over the reservoir where a good number of Pochard where with over 100 birds on the water and a few Great-Crested Grebe and Warblers around the edge.

Back at the ringing table after the next round quite a few birds where coming in with Sedge Warblers (non breeders here), Blackcap, and Whitethroat where found after the rounds been done.

Young Sedge Warbler

Young Blackcap

Young Whitethroat


An unforgettable morning ended with a Young Goldfinch , Blue Tit and a Woodpigon before having some nice views of a Black-necked grebe.

Young Blue Tit
Young Goldfinch

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