Friday, 1 April 2016

Firecrest and more in the wood

With early spring the woodlands are a good place to catch with the birds back into breeding espically with the calls of the woodpeckers and Nuthatches one of my favourite places locally is Sherrkspark Wood which this year has held a few Firecrests and with with a lot of effort managed to see and hear a Lesser-spotted Woodpecker which sadly are quite rare now.

firecrest0038a copy
Singing Firecrest

firecrest0036 copy

firecrest0020 copy

Two together just...


Distance view of Lesser-spotted Woodpecker
Early morning is the best time to visit a wood like this as you get to hear some more birds calling with lots of Nuthatches and Thrushes Species in full song especially noteworthy are the sound of the Song thrush and Woodpeckers calling a great reward for getting up early.

In the woods
Trees in the wood

Between Branches
One of many nuthatches 

Great Spotted Woodpecker

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