Thursday, 28 April 2016

Wood Warblers and more in the midlands

Last weekend decided to out out to the midland to try and photograph some of the warbler before the leafs made them too challenging. First stop was a little detour to Telford to see a lifer for me of the Iberian Chiff-chaff which showed well and was singing its distinguish call when I arrived and despite plenty of other Warbler especially the Willow Warbler singing its did't show again till a few hours after I had left.

Singing Iberian Chiff-chaff
Then headed to Clunton for a few Warbler which is a great woodland in the spring full of Willow Warbler and Wood Warblers with the Wood Warbler showing very well at times I do love their song, not the easiest bird to photograph but a good challenge.

Wood Warbler in song




Also in the woods plenty of other birds with Nuthatch and Goldcrest being very vocal and a lone singing Marsh Tit. At then end of the morning had lunch in a clearing by the car park when i had a nice singing Tree Pipit which allowed me reasonably close.

Tree Pipit
Then decided to head for a Hoopoe on route home which was taking a liking to a horse paddocks on the edge of Birmingham but allowed some goods views after a little wait as it was feeding in the late afternoon.

Hoopoe after landing

Feeding Hoopoe



Next to a horse gives you a ideal of its size


Final stop of the day was a brief stop at then end of the day to see a pair of Black-winged Stilts near Milton Keynes which had stopped at a disused gravel site and where seen mating which with climate change will might well seen alot more of these species in future years.

Black-winged Stilt at dusk

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