Friday, 19 August 2016

August visit to mismere

Last weekend with the weather reasonable decided to head to Minsmere first stop was the Sand Martin colony by the visitor centre very active with birds going in and out often in a few big flocks.

Sand Martin in flight


Then walked around and followed the path to the beach along the path a group of  at least 8 Little Egrets were hunting in the shallows and a Cetti Warbler showed it self nearby.

At the beach lots of butterflies were on the wing with Grayling, Common Blues and Painted Lady in with the huge numbers of Peacock and Red Admirals and a lone Emerald Damselfly was seen briefly

Resting Grayling

Brief stop of the Painted Lady

One of many Common Blues in the dunes
Then headed to the East hide where had some good wader views with Black-tailed Godwit, Young Avocets with a few Ruffs and Dunlin and Spotted Redshank and a Common Sandpiper. Also on the scrape distance views of a few Little Gulls were seen as well as a the first signs of autum with yellow Wagtail and Wheatears around.

Wheatear on the way south

Then stopped at the Curlew watching point where a family of Stone Curlews and a Common Curlew in the heathland through the heat haze first time i managed to see the Stone Curlews here.Then stopped at the Bee Wasps a rare insect species but very intresting to watch them go about their business bring in the dead bees.

Bee Wasp bringing in the bee


Bee Wasp coming out the burrows

Then ended the day by spending quite a lot of time watching the butterflies on the buddleia

Feeding Red Admiral

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