Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back to the Farnes

The hightlight of the trip up north was a visit to the Farnes a birder's pardise first we went around the islands seeing hundreds of different birds fishing and hunting in the water manily Puffins and Guillemots but Razorbills and Shags as well with Kittiwakes and Gannets flying by and a few seals in the water. The sounds these coloneys give is amazing for anyone wildlover a top place to visit and highly recommended.

Then we landed on Inner Farne were we could walk around with pretty close views of the Auks and Shags and Artic, Common Terns were very close a wonderful experienceand just beautiful just watching the birds and listerning to them also on the island were Wheater and Water Pipits along with Sandwich Tern further in. Overall a wonderful trip .A selection of my images below.

Artic Tern with Sand Eel

Hunting Tern

Tern on the rock
Guillemot swimming by the boat

Guillemot Turning egg over

Shag on nest

Young Shag
Fighting Puffins
Puffin on the rock

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  1. Some crackers there mate. I'd love to pay a visit some time.