Monday, 25 June 2012

A wet day in Lancashire

Next day headed to Lancashire orginal planned to Arnside Knott for the flowers and the butterflies but the rain put pay to that so headed to Leighton Moss instead always a good backup. Despite the heavy rain had a nice walk around with lots of duck and geese enjoying the waters and lots of squabbing lapwings and plenty of swallows and swift overhead, intresting to see how the wildlife cope with this british summer we are having. Walking back from the hides could hear Reed  Buntings, Reed Warblers and Sedge Warblers and in the Woodland section had Blackcaps Singing and Nutchatch feeding then at the feeders by the shop had brief view of Marsh Tit with the Finchs and Tits on the feeders. Then at the Morecambe Bay Hide nice to see all Avocet chicks doing really well with a good number feeding and been looked after by the parents. Also around here were Curlew and Oystercatchers and a lovely family of Wrens in the scrub.

Gadwall in the rain
Great Crested Grebe also in the rain
Nuthatch in the woodland
Then as the rain had cleared by late afternoon and had been told about some special orchids nearby headed to Gait Barrows NNR where i was met by a pair of Marsh Tits who seemed to have a nest nearby and while walking heard a Owl hooting this was 4pm so seemed a bit early then headed to see the
Lady Slipper's Orchid which is such a beautiful orchid unlike any i have seen before.

Friendly Marsh Tit
Lady Slipper's Orchid
Group of Lady Slipper's Orchid
Orchids after the rain

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