Thursday, 21 June 2012

Local Little bittern

Last weekend down at Stocker's Lake a Female Little Biitern was found so had to go and see this little fellow and was glad i did as was such ar charming bird though very popular when i went on sunday. At first was just hiding in the reeds but after a little while decided to go hunting and manged to catch a few fish though with one had a bit of trouble getting it down but did mange it. Also on site were Sedge and Reed Warblers calling and Common Terns Hunting along with Common Blue Damselflies and Blue-tailed Damselflies and even Specked Wood and Large White Butterflies around as the sun was out.

Little Bittern with Dinner
Trying to get dinner down
Neck at full stretch
Out in the open

Little Bittern flying out the tree
Female Common Blue Damselfly feeding on greenfly

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