Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Iceland : The final day

Started the final day with a intresting sunrise and lots of Redwings, Pink-footed Geese and Whopper swans heading over maybe south to england a mystery that will remain be nice in the winter when seeing them back home the journey that they taken.

After watching the birds and the sun rising headed to Skálholt which was an religious centre in iceland for many years between 1045 to 1785 where is was used by the bishops of thoese times and even today is used for many cultural events.

Next stop of the day was a visit to the crater of kerio which is along dead volcano but the colours in the rocks give it a migical feel. Then ended the hoilday by having a light sight of the northern light though not as strong and variable as the nights before.

Whooper swans flying over

Skálholt Catheral
View from Skálholt

Kerio Crater
Lights over the fields

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