Friday, 30 November 2012

Waxwings and Thertford Heath

On sunday headed to Aylesbury where there been around 20 waxwings reported for a few days. At first no sight but then after a few minutes a flock of aroun 15 landed on the rowen berries at first just waiting patience then a few moved before been followed by more. Then after a while had a few started going down for drink at the puddles after the rain the night before where there were also a few Pied Wagtails and chaffinches feeding at this level. Then a few more Waxwings flew in to join in the feast.

Up in the tree
With a bite
Balancing act
Reflecting Waxwing

Next stop as the day was still young was a walk around Therford Heath doing the circular walk from the village of Therford walking through the fields came across a herd of Fallow Deer at least 60 in number with many sprinting past me as there were feeding around the shooting range. Futher on had lots of Redwings and Fieldfares feeding in the hedges along with finches mainly Chaffinhces and Goldfinches with good numbers of Buzzards and Kestrels hunting. Heading back to Therford had a nice Barn Owl hunting in the fields had a big flock of Corning bunting before a nice sunset to end the day.

Few of the deer
Running deer

The farming landscape
Sunsetting over the trees

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