Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Loch Garten

After the late night the night before not the early start but headed down to Loch Garten which was a tad nippy really would't have believed it was may. At the centre had a Willow Tit in the Carpark always a great species to see then at the main centre the Female Osprey was doing the sensible thing and laying low on the nest occasional showering her head but around the feeder lot more intrest with lots of Siskins in full plumage, a Red Squirrel happy feeding on the nuts and a hoard of Coal tits with  the more usual birds . Just as we were about to head back to woods a Crested Tit appeared around the feeder at first high before it came down and showed reasonable well though quite flirty. Then headed out into the main woods to see what else was lurking with the highlight been a Goldeneye out in the Loch.

Crested Tit the best of some unatural perches

Red Squirrel

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