Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Top of the world

Back to scotland and a sunny morning meant a trip up the railway to the top of Cairngorm which was still snowcovered only wildlife of note up at the top was a Lone Red grouse and possible Snow Bunting calling in the car park but the view from the top was stunning though a bit chilly at -3 but some great views down the Mountain to Loch Morlich after the snow on the top the day before. Then after a nice Hot Drink and a walk outside headed back down to the carpark where had a young Reindeer was showing well.

View from Cairngorm

Young Reindeer

Then after lunch did the circular walk around Loch Morlich which was a bit warmer and feeling springlike which showed by the sighting of a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly at the start of the walk by the river which was great with Willow Warbler singing all around, Teal and Goldeneye out on the Loch and even a pair of Crested Tits in the trees and the views from the loch were really beautiful and with the woodland full of wild flowers and bird song a perfect place to be.

Views of the Loch

One of many Lichen trees in the woodland
Then decided to end the day by heading down to Loch Laggan to take a few images at dusk

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