Sunday, 1 July 2012

The other side of scotland

The next we decided to end more east due to the weather pattern so headed to Grey's Mare Tails a waterfall along with a mountain walk so from the bottom climbed up along the waterfalls and along Tail Burn which is a very steep climb but a rewarding view up to Loch Skeen where we stopped for Lunch. On the way up heard lots of Meadow Pipits and the young of a Pergerine falcon along with a adult flying overhead.

Grey's Mare Tail Waterfall
View while taking a breather
Tail Burn  
After lunch we headed up the path to White Coombe which was giving greats views along the mountain ridge before reaching the top where we had some splendid views of Loch Skeen. Then carried on along the Ridge with more views of the beautiful landscape and the added bonus of a pair of Wheatears up at the top. Then carried on along the top where the scottish weather decided to break so we had a little hail storm while travelling back down but that cleared up very quickly. On the way down walked back down past the waterfalls were there were a few wild goats feeding including one with young.

Loch Skeen

Loch Skeen with Lochcraig head behind it
Scottish Mountains from up high

The wild goat

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